Walii the Artist
Biography and Reference
Walii the artist was Born in San Francisco and attended School in San Jose at Bellarmine where he began his artistic training. He then graduated from UC Berkeley with a Bachelor of Arts, and completed his Masters at Santa Clara University. He also attended post graduate school in Houston, Texas.

His earliests artwork (in Grammar School) included a piece completed with an Electrolux working backwards and the paint flying through the air.

His most recent work can be viewed at

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His artwork is created with different mediums of water, ink, and limited oils on canvas. Almost all of his work is done on larger canvases, and mostly frameless in a boxed mounting. His style of rolled lines or large solid color shapes is unique worldwide.

Walii's artwork is collected by patrons across the country and is winning appeal with other international artists.

Please contact him if you are interested in a commissioned piece or a proposal for future work.

Contact Information
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8124 Tuscany Ave
Playa Del Rey